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Today I found out two things:

  1. My University requires all students to wear a uniform.
  2. When choosing said uniform, there is no option for girls to wear trousers.

I cannot even begin to describe how appalled I am by this. There’s a fine line between having conformity in schools to promote┬ásocialization, and just ripping students of individualistic creativity (not to mention rights). They say it is a measure to prevent inappropriate dressing, yet I find it ironic that as University students and legal citizens, we are considered mature enough to live independently and make our own choices regarding courses we take, but are not trusted to choose our own clothes. I’m 18, I think I can tell the difference between university clothes and pub clothes.

What makes it worse and even more ludicrous is that girls are required to wear long skirts. This I find completely sexist and insane. Though I don’t hate dresses, I’m not all that fond of them, and who can blame me really? There’s a limit on the things you can do in a skirt without exposing your underwear. That aside, I wouldn’t mind wearing a skirt to University once in a while; it should be fine really if I was given the choice to alternate between trousers and skirts. But to think I would have to wear the same skirts for the next four years of my education! It’s absurd! I find it remarkably unfair that girls are not given the choice between trousers and skirts. It’s old fashioned and childish; we’re in the 21st century, for crying out loud! We’re living in a generation of change and modernization, not the Victorian times. It’s quite strange really, that my country attempts to promote equality, yet they allow Universities to come up with rules that blatantly ignore equality between genders. It saddens me in a way, almost as much as it pisses me off.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, but the uniform itself is far from convenient. It’s a two piece; a white shirt, tucked into a black pleated skirt. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? BUT – and this is so strange I can barely believe it myself – the buttons are removable. Let me rephrase, the buttons HAVE to be removed before the shirt is washed. They’re basically little squares that somewhat resemble earrings, except the back part is made up of an elastic that you hook into the actual button to fasten it into place. So, if I happen to have an early lecture, I’ll have to wake up an hour earlier just to get my buttons sorted.

All in all, my University is a lovely place, but the uniforms are annoying.



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A Very Late Introduction

Hello! : D.

It is now 10pm, and being the boring loner I am, I have decided to stay in and write strange things about myself, instead of go out and party the way normal people do when exams are over. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell: that weird girl with a peculiar attachment to her computer.

That aside, I figured it was about time I started actually using this blog (considering I created it over a month ago), and seeing as I’ve got nothing better to do (except maybe scroll through tumblr like an antisocial zombie), I’ve decided to start… well, now.

So, moving right along. I’m Mo, 17 year old procrastinator extraordinaire with a strange obsession for food and dogs. I laugh too much, crack lame jokes and like to quote random sources (usually fictional) out of the blue. I enjoy drinking tea and chocolate, talking about things that are completely irrelevant, and singing along to songs on the radio (especially if I don’t know the words). Here you shall find my thoughts and rants on unrelated things that are somehow related to my life (or at least, that I believe are related to my life on some level). I am oftentimes sarcastic, and usually make bold statements that cannot be proven true, which leaves me open to criticism. However, when I do get criticized, I tend to retaliate with intense anger and many foot stomps, which pushes people to a resigned acceptance of my strangeness. Chances are, I probably suffer from some form of disorder or another, but that disorder probably has not been discovered yet. All in all, I am a complete freak of nature, yet I’m perfectly happy with the way I am. I’m a rarity, after all.

I do not expect anyone to follow or read this blog, but if you’re bored and end up doing so, I hope you enjoy wasting your time with me.


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