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Before any of you begin to complain/unfollow/ditch my blog, I know, I know that I promised to do some actual blogging today. And I was planning to do that, except a little something got in the way. A little something being THE FIRST BLOG AWARD I EVER RECEIVED. I have – surprisingly, astoundingly, bafflingly (yes, I know that’s not a word) – been nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, by the amazing and lovely Heroic Endeavors, run by Hero. Tons of thank you’s, online hugs and kisses to her, and please do check out her blog – she’s a wonderful blogger, writer and cellist, and I know you’ll all love her just as much as I do : D.

Anyhow, moving right along. As with any other blog award, this one comes with rules. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you on their blog.
  2. Describe 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other blogs, and inform them of their nomination.

So, here goes.

Thank you so much to Hero (whose blog I’ve already linked to above – and you all should definitely click the link. Her blog is brilliant), who I really appreciate for following and actually reading/commenting on my posts. It’s very rare for me to be able to find someone who shares the same interests at me, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled on Hero who – like me – plays the cello, writes, and loves Artemis Fowl. She has nominated me for my first blog award ever, and for that I’m joyously grateful. Her blog is simply amazing and I can imagine myself continuing to stalk her posts for years to come :).

Seven things about myself:

1. I am a mix of everything.

I’m a French/Japanese teenager who’s spent my primary and secondary school years in a British curriculum, and will be spending my university years following the American curriculum. I have lived in 7 countries, visited 15, and will most likely continue hopping from continent to continent, unless a certain fictional character comes to life and persuades me to remain with him for the rest of my life. I absolutely love music, writing and the arts, but I’m also pretty good (now we’re entering that dangerous bragging territory) at the Sciences and Maths. I can write with both hands (and that’s about the only trick I can do, unless you count raising one eyebrow – a quirk I’m very proud of). People can never get my age right because I have a young appearance and an adult’s voice – imagine a baby with your teacher’s voice – and they often think I’m either 12 or 20. I also really like eating chocolates and spicy noodles (not together, of course). I’m also extremely pessimistic and optimistic at the same time. Basically I have the most cheerful outlook on life – the way I see it, “everything will be fine in the end” because the good guys should always win – but I enjoy pointing out the negative aspects of things (take ;Friday; for instance; what part of that song has a positive side?)

2. I get obsessed really easily.

Whether it be a song, an actor/actress, a fictional character, whatever. When I start getting addicted, I really get addicted. If it’s a song, I’ll rape the replay button for days. If it’s an actor/actress, I’ll google till my fingers go numb, stalk until my eyes go red, and by the end of the week I could tell you everything about him/her – from best movie to favourite type of shoe. If it’s a fictional charcter, well, I’ll google the info, then I’ll move on to fanfictions, then I’ll daydream, and then finally I’ll write my own fanfictions (be grateful I don’t post them up here). The funny thing is, these obsessions only last about a week or so, and then they’re quickly replaced by new ones.

3. I don’t really know much about myself.

It’s only the third point, and I’m already out of things to say. I… um… really like dogs? I like to sing in the shower? I like to fantasize about being a superhero? (I used to imagine villains flying through windows during boring classes, and I’d whip off my school uniform to uncover my ninja outfit inside. Then I’d reveal my ninja powers and save the entire school, without anyone ever seeing my face – because I’m too ninja for them to spot me :P).

4. I have a pretty good metabolism.

I eat like a pig (people eat 3 meals a day. I eat 5 – and that doesn’t even count snacks) but I’m still pretty average weight. I mean, my parents still complain – but that’s only because I keep finishing all the food in the house – but really I’m not completely obese. I weigh around 42 kilos (which is pretty standard for people my height), and I’m pretty muscular – don’t get me wrong, I’m no Thor, but I’m just not all floppy – because of all the skating I do.

5. I have 3 brothers.

They’re all older than me, and they’re all capable of being real jerks. Then again, so am I. One – the youngest – is a really cheerful person. He’s too cheerful, to be honest. He’s always happy-go-lucky, always smiling, and he’ll never take you seriously. Not even when your dog dies and you start crying, no, he’ll still be laughing and making jokes about how good ol’ Coco should rest in pieces. The second youngest can actually be considered nice, if he weren’t so moody. One second he’ll be really sweet, and the next he starts shouting at you for entering his room or standing in his way or something. The oldest is just completely cruel and has an evil, cold sense of humour. I don’t even want to describe him.

6. I have a really eclectic taste in music.

On the one hand, I love classical music to bits (especially songs written during the Romantic period). On the other hand, I also adore songs from artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Jimmy Wong (you guys have to Youtube him. He’s amazing), and the list goes on. So imagine the look of surprise people get when I tell them I also love listening to Linkin Park, Queen, and Nickleback, or when they find out most of the music on my iPod is heavy metal.

7. I’m actually nice.

I know, I know. Unbelievable right? But honestly, I can be a pretty nice person… sometimes. *evil grin*

Anyway. Before I end up boring you all even further, let us move on to the last and most important part. THE LUCKY NOMINEES. *DUN DUN DUNN* To be honest, I’ve only been here a month or so, so I doubt I even know 15 people. Therefore, I’m going to provide you a list of blogs that include wordpress blogs, bloggers, tumblrs (people actually make text posts now and again) and maybe even twitters (short text posts are still text posts, no?). I know it’s going into dangerous territory, but I promise I’ll do better for my next award (if I even get another award, that is :S)

So, I hereby present to you the nominees.

  1. Six Words
  2. Musings From Neville’s Navel
  3. Insert Witticism Here
  4. Anya Violetta
  5. Sanity Fair
  6. Time To Be Happy Again
  7. Cut Up Piano And Xylophone
  8. How The Hours Must Fly By
  9. Jim Moriarty (no, it’s not actually him. But the tumblr’s still brilliant : D)
  10. Bassism
  11. Jas
  12. Jelectrify
  13. Clotildajamcracker
  14. This World Is A Lucid Reverie

Aand.. I’m out. I do realise that very few of the above blogs are wordpress blogs (and that tumblrs dominate), but hey, all the blogs I wanted to nominate from wordpress were already nominated. Take Hero, for instance. And Liam too probably. Also, I love all of you (my wonderful stalkers followers) equally, so it’s kind of hard to randomly pick 15 o.o. Which is why I’ve decided to pick the people who actually comment/talk to me : D. Because hey, everyone likes to talk right? No? Sorry :c. I’ll do better next time, I promise! So, anyway, lets have a round of applause. Whoop de doo. Congratulations guys, you are now… on my blog.

Right, this is by far my longest post ever, and as you can see the quality of writing is gradually getting worse. I’m also getting really tired, which means I’ll probably notify all these lucky bloggers tomorrow. And I shall stop writing. Now.


*EDIT: I’ve made three additions to my list of nominees – I was pretty tired when I originally made this post, so somehow I forgot to add them in. Sorry guys :S. But you’re in there now : D.


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I’m Back!

Dear Lovely Stalkers,

It is with my utmost pleasure that I inform you all of my return to the distracting internet world. Finally, after an agonizing week spent away from my computer, I have managed to complete everything I had to do during this month – with the exception of Camp NaNoWriMo, which I will most likely complete on the last day of May (oh look, a rhyme!) – meaning, of course, that my blogging hiatus is over! I would very much like to share with you all the insignificant (but interesting) details of what I’ve been up to this past week, but frankly, I’m exhausted. I’ve only just got home from the final round of an academic competition, it’s 11pm, and all that brainpower I used has worn me out. I’m much to tired to function properly, let alone describe a whole week’s worth of events and still make sense. Thus, I have decided to dedicate this post to 2 important topics: my existance and thank you’s.

Firstly, I figured it would probably be wise for me to make a quick post telling you all that I’m still alive and blogging, so you don’t all just toss me into that corner of blogs that get ignored. Not that I mind getting ignored – I’d just rather you all not associate me with an empty abandoned blog.

Secondly (and more importantly), the thank you’s. I just checked my stats page (I know I keep saying stuff like “I don’t care if none of you read my blog ladidadida”, and I really don’t care at all, but I’m still really obsessed with checking my stats. It fascinates me that people actually read the rubbish I come up with) and apparently, I still have readers. Surprisingly, there are still those of you out there who follow/stalk/read my posts. I’m not very good with expressing gratitude, but I’d just like to say thank you for sticking with me and reading my blog. Even if I’m a complete newbie. Even if I’ve only got 8 posts. Even if I’ve been gone for ages. I really appreciate you guys, and even if I really don’t mind much about readership, it’s still flattering and great to know that my babbling is actually being acknowledged. Fellow internet addicts, I thank you for your support.

On that note, it’s time for bed. I shall come back online in the next few days, with an extremely detailed blog post covering everything I’ve done over the past week.


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I’ve only got a few minutes to write this post, so I’ll just do it as quick and typo free as possible, in the above order. Let’s begin.


I just got back from watching MIB3 on the big screen (yes, I actually left my bedroom and went to a cinema and made contact with real people :O.), and frankly, I thought it was amazing. I’ve heard from quite a few people that the movie was horrible compared to the first two, that there was no plot, that it wasn’t as funny as it should have been. To be honest, I have no idea what they were talking about. I thought MIB3 was brilliant; it kept me captivated throughout, to the point where I spent the entire movie on the edge of my seat (this was probably because I was excited, although there is that slight chance that I was straining to see over the top of the person in front of me). Now, there will probably be those of you who think I’m making careless claims without any real evidence, so I shall now list the main reasons why I loved the movie so much.

  1. The actors/actresses played their parts brilliantly. Perhaps I’m biased because MIB3 starred a lot of my favourite people in the acting business (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Emma Thompson), but I thought their performances were all as close to perfect as they could possibly be, and every individual managed to exceed my expectations by a wide margin. Will Smith was funny as always, his jokes (accompanied by the O_o face, of course) always managed to make me laugh (which may or may not be a good thing, as there were times when I was the only one laughing, which was pretty awkward) and they really contributed to the film as a whole. Without him it probably won’t have been as good. Tommy Lee Jones… Well, what can I say? His poker face alone deserves numerous awards, and the way he delivers those blunt comments without ever cracking a smile… I honestly wonder how he does it. I certainly wouldn’t be able to film such scenes without breaking down into uncontrollable giggles. I’ve always loved Emma Thompson and Alice Eve – they’re both such wonderful, adorable (well, this applies more to Alice than Emma) – so there isn’t really any explanation needed here. Basically the entire acting crew managed to cooperate and, through their unique strengths, come together to combine those strengths and create an amazing movie that I will be happy to download and watch over and over again.
  2. The plot was – in my opinion – wonderful, and not nearly as bad as people say. True, there may be less alien busting and butt kicking, and maybe it wasn’t as complex and confusing as the previous movies, but that does not in any way make the plot less brilliant. This movie was different from the rest in the sense that it dealt with themes that were a lot more emotional and moving. Whilst previous MIB movies were more centered on humour and action, this one was more nostalgic and – pardon my simplistic diction – sad. It was just very sad, especially at the end. When I watched the ending, I literally cried. I was just sitting there like a pitiful little girl, bawling my eyes out. It was all just so moving and I was completely overwhelmed. Aside from that, the simplicity of the movie’s plot contributed to making it more enjoyable for me. It’s not that I’m so simpleminded that I can only enjoy simple things. It’s just, the movie involved a lot of confusing, paradoxical subjects [SPOILER ALERT] like time travel, and I think because of this complicated addition to the story, the plot had to have fewer twists than the first. Otherwise we’d all be mind-blown and completely confused about what was going on. Having a simple plot made it easy to understand the complex aspects of time travel, and it also made it a lot easier for the audience to be touched by the moving events that occurred.
  3. The effects were a lot better than in the last two. Now, I know this is just incredibly obvious – of course our technology and movie effects would have improved between 1997 and now, what on earth am I thinking? Yet, I can’t help but admire how much we’ve developed as a race. Before I go off into some philosophical musing on evolution and our growth as humans, I’ll just cut to the chase. MIB3 was a lot different from MIB2 and 1 – the HQ looks way cooler, and the effects were a lot more realistic (the evil alien guy actually creeped me out o_o)

I have a feeling that if I go any further, I’ll only end up spoiling the movie for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet. Therefore, I shall stop now before I let slip anymore spoilers, and urge you to go watch it as soon as possible – it was just amazing.

Moving right along.

My Hectic Schedule

Basically, I have suddenly gone from too free, to incredibly busy. The reason for this is probably because I should have balanced my work, so I can be equally busy all the way through summer, but instead I chose to procrastinate (no surprises there) and leave all the work to the last minute – which is now. As such, my free time now is very limited; it is so limited that I find myself skipping meals. Basically, I have a bunch of important events coming up that I cannot miss, and I am unprepared for any of them. I shall list a few of these events below.

  1. I have a farewell dinner tomorrow with my friends, where I will most likely end up crying my eyes out and hugging them while I tell them desperately not to leave me. Or perhaps I will just eat and smile and wave like an antisocial twit.
  2. I have a farewell luncheon the day after tomorrow with another group of friends, where I will basically repeat whatever I do during tomorrow’s dinner.
  3. I have an orchestra audition coming up sometime next month (the date has not been emailed to me yet), where I will have to play 10 scales, and 3 solo pieces on the cello. I’m terrified, mainly because I just got a new cello (it is a beautiful babe, by the way. The wood is exactly the colour and texture I’ve always wanted, and the sound is like… it’s just indescribable. It’s so deep and lusciously rich, and every time I play it I get this feeling of satisfaction. It even makes my pizzicato sound good) and my intonation isn’t exactly at it’s best. Not only that, but my hands tend to sweat a lot when I’m nervous, so I’m just praying that won’t affect my playing and vibrato during the audition.
  4. I have a dance this Sunday, along with a dress that I can’t wear. Why did I buy such a dress you ask? Well, it was the only one left in the shop, and I was sure I’d manage to lose a couple of kilos in a week. Turns out I can’t manage such a feat, and I’ll probably have to go find a new dress on Friday. Part of me really does not want to go to this dance, but a friend of mine got me a ticket, and it seems selfish to refuse. Besides, I heard they’re hiring chefs from a five star restaurant to make the buffet. Should be good.
  5. I have Camp NaNoWrimo, need I say more? I’m only 3,000+ words into my word count, and I started a week late because writer’s block decided to strike. Not only that, but my plot has gotten out of control; it went from a simple average sci fi novel to one where planet Earth is destroyed and replaced with floating cities, and genetic engineering transforms people into human-deer hybrids. Yeah, I kind of have this obsession with hybrids.
  6. I have a literary competition coming up in June. It’s sort of world wide, and I’m terrified.

All this leads to my final topic, Hiatus’s.

Basically, as you can see, I have a lot on my plate right now, and I’m not sure I can manage to do all that and blog on a daily basis without collapsing or something. According to my wordpress stats page, there are actually a few of you out there who read my blog. I have no idea why any of you would bother, considering I’m such a pathetically boring creature who lives on the internet and fawns over Harry Potter, but I genuinely appreciate all of you for taking the time to stop by and talking to me, even if I’m completely strange and have only just started blogging. So, as an aside, thanks for reading my posts, liking them, commenting on them etc. I love talking to you guys (should I be concerned that I like talking to strangers online? xD) and it makes me feel fuzzy all over that people actually read/follow my blog. Thanks a lot. Anyhoo, back to the original topic. Seeing as I have readers, I figured I should probably tell you all that I’m planning to take a small hiatus from my blogging. This does not at all mean that I will be ditching wordpress completely, it just means that I need a while to sort everything out, and I hope when I return my  number of followers and daily views would not have dropped to zero. I think I’ll take around a week or so off, though I’ll probably come on now and again to reply to comments/post comments etc. I just won’t be as active as I am now, and there most likely won’t be any new blog posts for another week. I’m just very busy and I feel the need to get my life sorted before everything explodes, and I hope you all understand. Thanks a lot :).

And now I better get on to writing some of those essays that are due on Monday, instead of write about how amazing MIB3 was.


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An Arty Day


I’m feeling relatively calm, so I’ve decided to write another blog post. (Yay?) For the sake of wasting time and boring you all with tales of my tedious lifestyle, I shall outline what I did throughout the day in as much detail as I can manage.

Today was another one of my arty days. I woke up at 8am (which is uncharacteristically early for me, considering it’s the summer holidays), and headed over to The Exhibition Hall For Arts and Culture (or EHAC for short). The EHAC is basically a beautifully designed building, where different exhibitions with varying themes are held every month. This month’s theme is “space” (space as in our surroundings, not where aliens roam freely), and I spent three hours roaming happily among all the wonderful artworks, occasionally taking a photo of a few that catch my eye. I wish I could share such photos with you. Unfortunately, I lost my card reader, so that will not be possible until I get a new one.

At around noon, I left the exhibition hall and went out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant near the city center. I had a ramen (Japanese noodles in hot soup), a plate of gyoza (Japanese um… Dumplings? Not exactly sure what they’re called.) and a coke (not so Japanese, but I like coke, so whatever). After lunch, I  visited my soon-to-be University’s supply shop for the first time, just to grab some clay/sketching paper I’d run out of. Now, the supply shop is pretty much a small hole in the wall, about the size of my bathroom. To enter, you must pass through a narrow doorway, up an even narrower flight of stairs, and then climb into this literal hole to get into a tiny room full of all the cheapest supplies you’ll ever see in my country. From what I’ve seen so far (and I’ve seen quite a lot – I had to wait in line below that staircase for over half an hour, before there was enough room for me to squish in) it is a place that is forever crowded, and brimming with stuff. When actually in the shop, there is barely enough air to breathe. Imagine you’re in a subway during rush hour, the train is packed, and you only just managed to force yourself into a gap that wasn’t really there. Being in the supply shop is a lot like that feeling, except the walls are lined with shelves full of art supplies – from fake trees to acrylic paint to pencils – and where there are usually railings to grab onto, there are instead more shelves, full of more supplies. There is also a dog (I’m assuming the shopkeeper’s pet) who sits idly in the corner by the card section, calmly watching all of us crazy teenagers as we rummage around, desperate to grab what we came for and leave without drowning in the sea of flailing arms. I managed to grab what I needed, as well as a stray bit of card I didn’t need but wasn’t bothered to go back to return.

Upon leaving the shop, I dropped by the Art Studio (a small studio where I’ve been dropping by from time to time to draw/muck about while listening to classical music for the past year) and spent another three hours there building clay sculptures and sketching them. It was all quite entertaining really – I built a miniature viking, as well as a pig-unicorn hybrid.

And then, I came home, and did absolutely nothing else that can be considered productive.


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It’s only the first week into summer holiday’s and already my schedule is a mess. I have appointments overlapping with university classes that are overlapping beach trips. I’m VERY behind on camp nanowrimo – so behind, in fact that any chance I had of winning have pretty much been puffed out. I also haven’t prepared at all for this debate tournament coming up in two weeks, and I have a dance coming up this Sunday which I haven’t prepared for either. Basically everything is a mess, I’m somehow even more disorganized than usual, and even I don’t know when I have free time anymore. Not only that, but I’ve missed the dates of numerous events and functions that are pretty important – take my own leaving party, for instance. And when you’re so all over the place that you miss your own leaving party, you know you’re in trouble.

The root of the problem is that I’m naturally a messy, disorganized and forgetful person. Just take a look into my bedroom and you’ll know what I’m talking about. No, it isn’t like those clean, comfy rooms you see in adverts. It’s sort of like the aftermath of an earthquake – with bits strewn all over the floor and things stuffed carelessly where they don’t belong. And that’s from MY point of view – from my mum’s point of view, it looks like a war zone. My bedroom is the reason why people doubt my ability to survive on my own (“How on earth will you find your clothes? How will you remember where you put the food?”)

My messy nature was okay when I was a highschooler, but now that I’m going to University things will probably have to change. Thus, I have decided to take action. Today I am going out and buying myself an organizer. Come to think of it, I should probably get myself a pencil too. In fact, today I shall make sure my pencil case actually has stationary in it, as opposed to bits of scrap paper full of useless doodles.

Wish me luck in my quest to function properly in society!


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Today is officially my last day as a high school student, and I feel incredibly old. Not old as in weak and wrinkly, but old as in there’s this huge weight on my shoulders. People often talk about feeling free after graduation, as if that weight on their shoulders has in fact been lifted, and they face nothing but new beginnings and opportunities. I, however, feel the burden of responsibility and the sorrow of parting with my friends, some of whom I’ve known for over 7 years. Maybe it’s because it’s getting late, maybe it’s because of the rain, but somehow the whole idea of graduating and leaving home just brings me down.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also pretty excited. It should be an interesting (and hopefully fun) experience to leave home and learn to live independently. Yet it feels somewhat foreboding, and as excited as I am, there’s also that little feeling of nervous apprehension. All these questions I never thought of before are whizzing around my head like crazy. What if I don’t make friends? What if I lose my old friends? What if I’m not ready to leave home? What if I am? There are so many things I don’t know, so many things I have to find out, and it’s just become too overwhelming.

Of course, I’ll try my best to stay in touch with my friends, yet somehow I know that we won’t be as close as we are now. It’s difficult, after all, to maintain such strong relationships with people, especially if you’re continents apart. I do hope I’ll manage to keep a few really strong bonds, for those were the hardest to form and the ones that’ll hurt me most if they do in fact break. However, things probably will not be the same for any of us; life has to go on, after all. We’ll all make new friends, lead new lives, and this time next year we may have changed completely. Despite this, I am still unwilling to say goodbye. Because it really can’t be goodbye, can it? I’ve known these people for years – why, they’re pretty much family. It seems so impossible that I’ll never get to see them again, that this is the last time we’ll get to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Sure, we may stray apart, but I do not believe for a second that we’ll stop seeing each other completely.

Yet, somehow this whole graduation and last day of school feeling has been like a wake up call of sorts. What used to be a distant future that I could ignore for the time being has become an immediate reality. After today, it has all suddenly become “real” to me. I’ve graduated. I’m going to university. I’m leaving, and  no matter what I try to make myself believe, sometimes goodbye really means goodbye.

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So I figured it was about time I actually blogged, and by “blogged” I mean actually write about my life and whatnot, instead of give you rants on school uniforms. Which is why I’ve finally decided, at 9pm, to create my first real blog post.

Today was a public holiday, so naturally – being the lazy bum I am – I woke up at 12pm. The rest of the day was relatively average, so I won’t bore you with the tedious details, and just skip to the evening. This evening I went to my friend’s school official opening, and it was amazing. They had everything all set up – there were tents for the guests, portable fans, umbrellas, and of course – SNACKS! Basically, for the official opening, they invited a guest of honour to tour the school, and have the huge duty of CUTTING THE RIBBON. *dun dun dun*. My mother was quite a main part of the ceremony (she was one of the “privileged parents” – haha, I know right, why do they even have that?) and it was quite fun for me to sit in a tent, and watch her as she marched around the campus in her tailored dress (it was a very bright, visible colour. You couldn’t miss her.) Admittedly I got a little restless after the first two hours, but by then it was time for the reception party on the roof, which brings me to the next event…

The reception party on the roof was lovely. It was held a little after 6 on the school’s rooftop, and they had a live band come in and play. There were also these little booths that served drinks and food, and the breeze was wonderful (except for the bit when it blew my skirt up over my head. yes, I’m 17 and I still let stupid things like that happen to me.) I thought it was so peaceful and plain nice to just lean against the railing, with the breeze in my hair, and listen to all these old love songs. It became less peaceful of course, when people started getting drunk. At first it was all right; most of them were happy drunks, and happy drunks are always adorable (before they puke, that is). Then it started getting quite amusing, when one of the men (the principal, to be exact) hopped on stage and started singing completely out of tune. And that was what started it all really – after him, all the men on the roof burst into song, like a chorus of birds, except out of tune and mumbling. I left when they began hugging each other and blowing kisses.

All in all, it was a good day. I actually left the house, and I had a good time.

And now, my friend’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’m off to make her a card (it shall be the greatest card she receives, no doubt, as I plan to fill it with in jokes, references and innuendo only the two weirdos like us could understand) and hopefully get some shut eye.


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